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I am a UX Designer and Pulitzer-nominated Illustrator with a tech background

I have taught tech to children's groups, seniors, and special needs students for Apple and saw the need for better experiences for everyone. My background in print design, public speaking, illustration, and UX utilize my expert knowledge of Adobe CS, Sketch, Omnigraffle, video editing, Keynote, and more.

Not only have I completed the UXD Immersive Program at General Assembly, but I also a B.A. in Fine Art, and recent SVA courses in digital coloring, perspective drawing and more.

Off-the-grid time includes: Classic Rock, Ice Hockey, Wine, Comedy, and hitting the beach.

My Process

UX Work

Project Process - 15 Days


  • No consistency
  • Minimal investment and fees hard to find
  • Content not centralized
  • Show info not seen prior to sign up
  • Limit to show info due to legal constraints
  • Goal: increase membership


Omnigraffle, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Keynote, Google Sheets, Numbers, whiteboard & marker, Trello, Pages, usertesting.com


  • Heuristic analysis
  • User interviews & testing
  • Created better flow & clarity
  • Designed wireframes, prototypes.
  • Visualize current user flow
  • Site inventory
  • Developed personas
  • Create/deliver presentation


  • Investment terms & minimum now up front.
  • Clearer links to info.
  • Added offering info prior to sign up.
  • Investor dashboard centralizes info, keeps track of investment opportunities.
  • Added links to investment docs.
  • Added show content with bios, pictures, audio/video content.

Current User Flow

current user flow

Persona and User Flow

persona user flow

Basics Now Upfront

  • Added more information to Home Screen as per User Testing
  • Investing Process
  • Definition of Accredited Investor
  • Fees
basics now upfront

User Dashboard

user dashboard

Show Content

show content

Project Process - 13 Days


  • Enable users to create & leverage their own GIF’s on desktop database site.
  • Interviewed people who share GIF’s, but don’t create their own.
  • “It takes too long.”


Omnigraffle, Sketch, Pen & Ink, Pencil, whiteboard & marker, InVision, Keynote, Google Sheets, Numbers.


  • Project Management: ensure brand consistency & deadlines met.
  • Interviewed Giphy’s Design Director Ralph Bishop.
  • Wireframe & prototype.
  • User interviews & testing.
  • Create/Deliver Presentation.


  • Added “create” button to every page on site.
  • Users can upload their own video & pictures, edit length, speed, text.
  • Embed and/or share link on social media.
  • “Tag” feature to leverage GIF in database.


User Interviews — Results culled from 10 regular GIF-sharing survey responders. When asked why they were not making their own GIFs, the prevailing trend of answers were: “It takes too long.”

Interview with Giphy Design director: Ralph Bishop
(See Image Below)

Giphy recently hired the developer of the “GifGrabber” app, which allowed users to make GIFs from streaming content (ex. YouTube). We considered intergrating this in our project, but ultimately re-focused our efforts into integrating the user-content GIF creation feature.

user research


I developed three personas based on interview trends:

Donna: 50's/Office Admin/Grandmother. Uses GIFs in daily emails and Slack. Would like to make GIFs from video of office events and share her own experiences with family on social media.

Pain: Too difficult and time consuming to make, slow uploads.

Kyle: Early 20’s/rock climbing, biking, music fests. Kyle wants to share experiences quickly when he returns from his “off the grid” vacations. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and a quick moving picture is worth millions to the GoPro-carrying Kyle.

Pain: cannot find the right app for quickness.

Maria: Early 30’s/PR/marketing. Maria’s clients often appear on TV. She wishes to make & share GIFs of the best moments to keep her clients in the public eye with this branding position.

Context: 24/7 social media feeds, works from home on her desktop.

Pain: cannot find the right app, take long time to create and edit GIFs.

Comparative Analysis:

The team immediately began researching .gif creation web and mobile apps. The mobile App “GifLab” had the overall easiest functionality that seemed to address the user’s/personas pain points.

We then created the user flow chart based primarily (but not exclusively) based on the “Donna” persona’s goals how she may easuly complete her Gif tasks.

After creating an Affinity map based on our research, I started sketching.

affinity map
comparative analysis

Iterations, Wireframes, Testing

Early Iteration Sketch

I began to test a wireframe using paper cut-outs.

There was some confusion among users as to how complete a few basic tasks. We realized some icons had to be changed.

User testing

Testing commenced and although I had attempted a strictly non-text format, we had to acquiesce to a short “upload” instruction based on the testing results.

iteration sketch

Final Prototype

We created a solution that would be integrated into Giphy’s every page with a simple “create” button at the top right. The tool empowers users to upload their own video and pictures, choose the length, add text with font and color choices, change the speed, embed the link, and share to social media in simple and quick non-text steps. In order to easily leverage the content in the database, we added a simple “tagging” feature.

final prototype

Next Steps:

  • More testing using prototype
  • Analytics on amount of shares, database building
  • Mobile version

Project Process - 19 Days


  • Create a new app to pitch to an existing brand.
  • People didn't order groceries online.
  • Concept of pairing food with a movie.
  • How do we incentivize and gamify?
  • What are the content databases,how are they integrated?


Sketch, Pen & Ink, Photoshop, Keynote, Google Docs, Numbers, Whiteboard


  • Conceptualization
  • User interviews & testing
  • Create personas
  • Designed wireframes & iterations.
  • Created interface
  • Database solutions


  • “What are you in the mood for?”
  • “Shake” feature gives instant pairing suggestion.
  • Database by IMDB, film buffs & foodies add tags.
  • User pick type of food, movie genres like Seamless.
  • Ingredients delivered and charged to user’s streaming movie account.

Concept and Research

An assignment to improve an existing brand proved perfect to take my desires of that Corleone evening and crystalize it into something for everyone.

My idea was approved, we picked the “brand” which we would improve upon: a Fresh Direct, Plated or Blue Apron-type model

How would we help this existing brand? What, exactly was the problem, if any?

We conducted two surveys to better determine the behaviors of regular home movie watchers who also cooked at home. There, the problem emerged: people didn’t order groceries online for delivery.

research data

Why? It “didn’t occur to them” or they thought it was “too expensive.”

Let’s incentivize them by offering a way to create an unforgettable evening for all five senses at home… for party guests, themselves, or date nights.

Competitive and comparative analyses of several recipe and delivery apps (Seamless, Food Network, etc.) showed ease of use and offered information quickly with few user steps…a great model. PIC?

This then helped us determine which features were a “must” (pictures, ingredients, search, dietary considerations, recipe directions, story synopsis, actors/directors,) and what things we could possibly add in later. (community reviews, invitations).

“What are you in the mood for?”

The most often asked question on what to watch and/or what to eat.
Personas were developed:


Sketching and Iterations

3 team member sketches, based on the first screen. “dial” iterationThis evolved (revolved?) into a screen with “bubbles” that represented the film genres/food types that the user could drag into the center to create their experience.

However, user testing with lo-fi prototypes proved both of these to either contain a new behavior or added more steps than necessary for users.

“I have NO IDEA what I am in the mood for.” We also wished to help the undecided with suggested combinations curated by our staff without taking away the “explore” feature nor the ability to adjust our suggestions. We abandoned the dial and bubbles in favor of a home screen containing immediate pairing suggestions.

sketches one
sketches two

Under the Hood

There’s also a “shake” feature that would produce the result of a curated pairing.

How are the pairings determined?

Pairings are created by what they eating, drinking, cooking in the film, where the film takes place; or perhaps an actor’s cookbook or signature wine.(Paul Newman’s sauce or Coppola’s Rosso).The database is curated by using metadata tags added to the film and recipe listings to enable cross-referencing.

A swim flow diagram helped us determine when the app would call back to the database. When the user chooses a film or meal first, 3 suggestions appear for either the recipe or movie pairing with the ability to see more with a gesture. Details include ingredients, directions, cost, time, and “add to cart”. Users may also change the number of servings, and the amount of the ingredients updates accordingly.

Both include the ability to see more titles by swiping up. This works similarly if food type is chosen first.

Error Messaging

error messaging

Hi-Res Prototype

hi-res prototype

Further Steps

Feedback on the hi-res prototype was positive, yet the“sounds good” button had was changed to “Add to cart” to avoid guesswork for the user. Testing of the lo-fi version resulted in adjusting the ordering (cart) and navigation bar for clarity.

Further steps We’d like to add an invite friends feature, community reviews of films and recipes, and integrate sideways entry from IMDB and/or Rotten Tomatoes.

Illustration Work

    Editorial and Portraits

  • Pepper

    Published in the book “Beatles Art” (Boxigami books)

  • Bowie

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    for “The Clyde Fitch Report”

  • Piggy


  • The Who

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color

  • Radiopeanuts


  • Fall Pastoral

    Pen & Ink, Digital

  • YuletiPad

    Pen & Ink, Digital
    for “The Clyde Fitch Report”

  • Ben with Rocket

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    Character study for the kids book “Ben’s Bed”

  • Sequential

  • Judah Ninja

    Judah Friedlander v. Ninjas

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    Story by Sean Lynch, Judah Friedlander, Rik Sansone

  • Tom Shillue Funny Story

    Tom Shillue’s Funny Story

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    for “SPAZ Comics” Issue 2

  • Affman


    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    for “SPAZ Comics” Issue 1 & 2

  • Bill Plympton


    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    for “SPAZ Comics” Issue 1, Story by Bill Plympton

  • Commercial

  • Bad Dad

    Tom Cotter - Bad Dad

    Book Cover for Willow Street Press

  • Flash Logo

    FLASH Logo

    Logo for Youth Soccer Team

  • Mary Dana Yoga Logo

    Mary Dana Yoga

    Logo for Private Yoga Teacher

  • Ben's Bed Pirate Ship

    Book Cover Illustration

    Pen & Ink, Digital Color
    for Children’s book "Ben’s Bed"

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